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September 25, 2017


Dear Minnesota Supporters of the Rod Simons Golf for the Gift annual tournament.

Three months have passed since this year’s 10th anniversary for Golf for the Gift, a particularly poignant event coming so shortly after Rod’s passing.  Gift of Adoption wants you to know that the funds raised during this year’s event have already been put to work helping 24 children come home to their forever families in Minnesota.  I would like to share just one story showing the impact of your generosity.

Meet Lennon Mae

Lennon Mae was born prematurely and immediately transferred to the NICU to recover from drug exposure withdrawal.  Lennon Mae’s birth mother chose to place her for adoption because she is stuck in a cycle of poverty and addiction. Kristofor and Megan of Alexandria, MN were able to be witness Lennon Mae’s birth, and have remained at her side ever since.

Kristofor and Megan have been trying for seven years to start a family.  The process depleted their savings, creating a financial hurdle which made them leary of adoption.  Learning about adoption assistance grants gave them hope that they would be able to adopt when the time came.  Being chosen to parent Lennon Mae was the answer to their dreams, and the Gift of Adoption grant they received helped make that dream come true.

Megan shares, “Our daughter will have a chance to break the cycle her birth mom grew up in and currently lives in. She will grow up with the utmost love and encouragement. She is an amazing, beautiful, sweet and a cuddly little baby, and we already love her so much.”


After 23 days in the NICU healing and growing strong, Kristofor and Megan were discharged with their sweet girl. The next day they flew home to MN with a full car seat and even fuller hearts.

On behalf of Gift of Adoption, Pam, Rod and Annie Simons, we extend our most sincere thank you for helping Lennon Mae and 23 other children by supporting Golf for the Gift.  We look forward to seeing you on June 21, 2018 as we continue to carry forth Rod’s legacy of creating forever families with the 11th annual tournament!

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